West Coast Fog

A Serene Sensory Meditation

Srijith Gopinathan
Kevin Cho & Nathalie Attallah

West Coast Fog

Chilled Blueberry Gazpacho with Harmony herbal blend and Lime Snow

Aroma is the soul of any dish – eating without aroma is like eating without soul, it doesn’t make sense.

– Executive Chef Srijith Gopinathan

A Serene Sensory Meditation Through Cuisine

Reminiscent of the San Francisco fog, the color, texture and presentation of the dish tie together to evoke serenity. As the majority of the fog sits by the ocean the dish mimics a vast beach-scape. Waves crashing on the pebbled shores, nostalgic aromas carried on the breeze. 

This series presents a compilation of sensory experiences which explore food and beverage removed from the context of taste, in this way heightening the emphasis on our other (often secondary) senses. The color palate of each film, along with the music and dish, evoke a mood, in this case, serene. As you experience the film be filled with serenity and eased into a receptive state where you may be inspired to create.

This sensory meditation is part of our larger series Language of Aroma.

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