The Secret Science of Taste: Mouthfeel

A virtual exploration of mouthfeel and our food choices

In support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 13

Sweet potato as the new ice cream? Sure, from the lens of mouthfeel.

For decades, the industrial food complex has marched steadily towards indoctrinating our palate and subverting our definition of good taste. Manipulated, guided and pigeon-holed, modern food is a thousand iterative recipes designed through billions of dollars of research and development to tactically produce a visceral response in our taste buds. However, if we can hone that knowledge to our advantage, we can all make better food choices.

Join us and learn: How to Manipulate Taste for Planetary and Personal Health.

When: Sunday, November 8th

Cost: FREE




A Taste of the Topic:


Event Speakers

Dr. Peter Klosse, Professor of Gastronomy and founder of T.A.S.T.E (The Academy of Scientific Taste Evaluation).

Peter Klosse

Peter Klosse is a professor of Gastronomy and founder of T.A.S.T.E (The Academy of Scientific Taste Evaluation). Getting a better understanding of liking and deliciousness is central in his life and work. His holds a PhD for his work on Flavor Classification (Maastricht University, 2004). The theory is applied in practice and explained in The Essence of Gastronomy (CRC Press, 2013). Peter is member of the Google Foodlab and actively involved with the Future Food Institute in Bologna.


Adam Brumberg, Researcher and Deputy Director of the Cornell Institute for Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice.

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Your Taste is Easily Manipulated


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