A TEALEAVES Documentary

This documentary is the third in a three-part series entitled Palate, following the explorations on Color, Color In Sight, and Aroma, Language of Aroma, which saw panels at SXSW 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Appetite for Altruism

Taste explores our food system through the lens of behavior change. Knowing that our tastes affect our behaviors, and our behaviors affect our impact, how could we alter our tastes in order to ensure that our impact on this world and on our bodies is a positive one?


Special Thanks to our Continuing List of Partners

Ian Urbina – Pulitzer Prize Winner and Investigative Journalist, The New York Times, Author of The Outlaw Ocean

Dr. Robert Lawrence – Nobel Peace Laureate, Founding Director, Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

Dr. David Eisenberg – Director of Culinary Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health

Mark Bomford – Director, Yale Sustainable Food Program

Professor Philip Stark – Berkeley Open Source Food, Associate Dean, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, UC Berkeley

Dr. Daphne Miller – Physician (Harvard Medical School) and Author

Sam Van Aken – Contemporary Artist, Creator of the Tree of 40 Fruits

Bren Smith – Executive Director and C0-Founder, GreenWave

Dr. Peter KlosseGastronomic Inspirer, Academie voor Gastronomie; Hotel de Echoput; Hotel Management School Maastricht

Professor Adam BrumbergDeputy Director, Cornell Institute for Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice

Leslie BooherCo-founder, Sunken Seaweed

Sallie Calhoun – Founder #SoilNoRegrets, Cienega Capital, Globetrotter Foundation, Paicines Ranch

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