How do we change the system so that no one has to ask where their food is coming from?


Special Thanks to Our Partners

Mark Bomford, Director, Yale Sustainable Food Program

Prof. Adam Brumberg, Deputy Director, Cornell Institute for Behavioral Economics and Consumer Choice

Emma Chow, Food Initiative Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Dr. Odette Curtis-Scott. Director, Overberg, Renosterveld Conservation Trust

Dr. Aoife Mac Namara

Ruki Neuhold-Ravikumar, Acting Under Secretary for Education, Smithsonian Institution

Bren Smith, Co-Founder, GreenWave

Prof. Philip B. Stark, Professor of Statistics, Associate Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of California Berkeley

Dr. Dori Tunstall, Dean, OCAD University

Ian Urbina, Author, The Outlaw Ocean

In Good Taste

Roots of the Project

In Good Taste explores our food system through the lens of behavior change. Knowing that our tastes affect our behaviors, and our behaviors affect our impact, how could we alter our tastes in order to ensure that our impact on this world and on our bodies is a positive one?

In Good Taste Documentary Premiere

In Good Taste is a major exploration of food systems, sustainability and the future of food. The Taste exploration presents public health solutions by bringing together the views of scientists, academics, advocates, and experts.

Taste presents ways in which we can collaborate to create a more inclusive, sustainable, responsible, and healthy food system.

Join us the evening of October 16th for the In Good Taste premiere.

A TEALEAVES Documentary

Directed and Edited by Nathalie Attallah and Carly Williams

Executive Produced by Ezgi Emiroglu

Project Managed by Madeline MacDonald

Art Direction by Nathalie Attallah

Graphic Design by Joyce Aquino

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