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A Virtual Event for SXSW with The Outlaw Ocean

About This Session

Join Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and project director Ian Urbina, Co-Founder of GreenWave Bren Smith and Grammy Award-winning musician Laura Sullivan for a transformative discussion on The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. with Grammy Award-winning musician Laura Sullivan for a transformative discussion on The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. To raise awareness of the atrocities and heart-wrenching injustices on the high seas, Ian convened hundreds of activist musicians from dozens of countries, coalescing around a shared artistic goal – this project is an act of solidarity transcending geography and languages.

Share in these alternative forms of storytelling, witnessing an experiment translating the written word of Ian’s book into music. In the simplest conception, there is a captivating collection of inspired songs – ranging from electronic, ambient to classical and hip-hop. The outcome – a global audience of more than 90 million.


Session Takeaways:

1- In a sea of global issues effective impact requires new creative approaches and diverse perspectives in order to reach a critical mass of supporters.


2- Innovation is no longer an aspiration — it is a crucial mindset in a flooded market. Innovative practices allow your message to penetrate.


3- Mindful consumption is changing the way audiences engage with media. Integrating deeper social value into media inspires audiences to dig in and act.


Read more on the Outlaw Ocean’s important journalistic work.
Social Impact Through Storytelling

Social Impact Through Storytelling


Event Speakers

Ian UrbinaAuthor and Founder, The Outlaw Ocean

Ian Urbina

Ian Urbina is a reporter and author who writes for The New York Times, The Atlantic, National Geographic and others. Urbina is the author of The New York Times bestseller “The Outlaw Ocean” (2019), based on five years of reporting, much of it offshore, exploring lawlessness on the high seas. Urbina has since launched The Outlaw Ocean non profit, which engages in innovative storytelling practices on ocean issues, including The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.


Bren Smith, Executive Director & Co-Founder, GreenWave

Bren Smith, GreenWave executive director and owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, pioneered the development of regenerative ocean farming. A lifelong commercial fisherman, he was named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “25 People Shaping the Future” and featured in TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2017”. Bren is the winner of the Buckminster Fuller Prize and has been profiled by 60 MinutesCNNThe New YorkerWall Street JournalNational Geographic, and elsewhere. He is an Ashoka, Castanea, and Echoing Green Climate Fellow and James Beard Award-winning author of Eat Like a Fish: My Adventures Farming the Ocean to Fight Climate Change.


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