Surf’s Up

A Serene Sensory Meditation Through Cuisine

Jamon Harper
Kevin Cho & Carly Williams

Surf’s Up

Soursop Chiboust with Harmony Steamed Pineapple

For me, serenity comes from watching the ocean, and that’s what brings me peace, just watching the waves crashing onto the sand, the beautiful light forms, the different views of blue that you get, both from the rough ocean and the further away you get, darker blues of calmness. That’s what inspired me to create this dish.

– Executive Pastry Chef Jamon Harper

A Serene Sensory Meditation

This series presents a compilation of sensory experiences which explore food and beverage removed from the context of taste, in this way heightening the emphasis on our other (often secondary)senses. The color palate of each film, along with the music and dish, evoke a mood, in this case, serene.

This sensory meditation is part of our larger series Language of Aroma.

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