Ruth Kikin-Gil

Responsible AI Design and Strategy, Microsoft

About the Contributor:

Ruth Kikin-Gil is a Responsible AI + design strategist that focuses on product innovation. Her career path at Microsoft took her from an innovation lab, to a strategy team, to designing future experiences in Office, and to developing and evangelizing Responsible AI practices across Microsoft. She currently drives Responsible AI practices in the Security and Compliance organization. She is a co-creator of the Guidelines for Human-AI interaction, and teaches design at the university of Washington.


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The Design of Everyday AI Things

Sunday, august 23RD

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The Design of Everyday AI Things | Nature x Design

Learn about opportunities for designers using data as material to create social impact through a more inclusive design of products and services.*Correction Jennifer Bove's title was mis-read during the live event, she head of design for B2B payments at Capital One. Please excuse our error.

Posted by TEALEAVES on Sunday, August 23, 2020


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Diversity, Bias and Ethics in AI Development

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