"It is incredible to think that a cup of tea serves as a crux of these most fundamental issues of our time."

Tijjani Muhammad-Bande,
President of UN General Assembly

The true art form of blending is the genesis of something greater than the sum of its parts. Welcome to Nature x Design, a virtual festival blending internal wellness with the external environment, to arrive at a resilient future.

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Nature X Design is a virtual event series produced by TEALEAVES and inspired by the art of blending. The series of conversations join the themes of nature and design, producing ideas that are greater than the sum of their parts. We will be facilitating live streamed panel discussions, screenings, Q&As, tasting experiences, and more, featuring world-renowned speakers sharing their insights, thoughts, and projects.

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The curious. Artists, academics, thinkers, and innovators. Nature X Design is an inspiration hub bringing together disparate ideas to design for a better future. Each event will create a connection between what you know now, and what you need to know next. Browse our virtual event lineup and sign up for anything and everything that interests you.

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In the spirit of Open Source, all of our virtual events are offered free of charge wherever possible.
Some events, which are hosted in collaboration with third parties, may charge a fee. While we encourage supporting these collaborators, as we often work with non-profits and educational institutions, if you are unable to, please contact us at media@tealeaves.com and we will do our best to make the event accessible to you.

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Our virtual events are hosted through Zoom and streamed to Facebook Live. Past events are published to the Nature X Design ecosystem in the weeks following the session in order to promote open source and continuous learning.
To stay up to date on the latest additions of virtual events, click ATTEND! You will receive email updates for your specific sessions of interest or you may choose to follow along for all festival news.

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The curious often do. Email us at: media@tealeaves.com

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