The Secret of Fast Food: Mouthfeel

Dr. Peter Klosse Deconstructs the Fast Food Burger

The Secret of Fast Food is Mouthfeel

Dr. Peter Klosse Deconstructs the Fast Food Burger

Inventor of the Taste Index Dr. Peter Klosse aims to definitively answer the question “Why do you like what you taste?” and that begins with expanding our understanding of what taste involves.

Sweet Salty Bitter and Umami cannot describe a banana, we need a better paradigm.

Dr. Peter Klosse

mouthfeel banana


According to Klosse, that paradigm is Mouthfeel. Here, he analyzes one of the most irresistible foods on the planet through the lens of mouthfeel, to answer the question – why is the fast food burger so appealing?

Power of Mouthfeel

The mouthfeel model makes it possible to talk objectively about taste. The hamburger is liked throughout the world because scientists have worked on that very carefully. They didn’t tell of course because it was their company secret. But you bet that they really did a good job in defining what we really like. And we find every thing what we like in the product that they sell.

If you try to make your own hamburger you’re probably going to improve the bread. You are probably going to say, this horrible bread it’s very fluffy and white. But this is one of the secrets.
With this bread there is no interference and your teeth go right through it. And the first thing they notice, your teeth in your sensory system, is the value. The value is meat, lettuce and tomato.

It’s not by accident that these things are on a plate. It is the product of very careful research and design.

We spoke to Dr. Peter Klosse as part of our ongoing exploration on the future of taste through the lens of wellness and sustainability.

Dive deeper into the science of taste with our collaborators Adam Brumberg, Mark Bomford and Dr. Daphne Miller.

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