Margaret Price

Principal Design Strategist, Microsoft Design

About the Contributor:

Margaret Price is an explorer of the relationship between culture, humanity, and, technology. She draws from marriage therapy, philosophy, biology, psychology to deconstruct how to embrace and sustain what makes us human in a digital age. Margaret studies human nature and monitors the cultural landscape to identify areas for creative and strategic growth. Her passion for identifying latent human needs, framing opportunities, and fueling experimentation has taken her to over 40 countries.

Margaret’s career has placed her on the forefront of product innovation and organizational transformation. At Microsoft, Margaret’s strategy and content is featured in the Inclusive Toolkit which was awarded by IXDA, nominated as a FastCO World Changing Idea., and was featured in the Smithsonian – Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. As an expert in design curriculum, and service design, her courses have been attended by over 12,000 at Microsoft and are taught in universities around the world. Most recently, within NYU, MIT, and Brown.



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Creative Aging


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