Innovate or Bust

How to stay relevant through circular design practices.

In support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 11, 12, and 13


As we continue to place unsustainable demand on our finite resources, the imperative for businesses to respond and adapt becomes increasingly critical. Over the last few decades, products have been designed for obsolescence and without much regard for their lifecycle’s impact on the environment. As a consumerist society, it will take a drastic shift to change that pattern, on both consumers and producers.

How can you engage in circular practices while meeting business objectives and consumer demands, all the while supporting the Sustainable Development Goals?

Learn the tools to create dynamic, positive change within your organization from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, World Design Organization, and BMW. Join us in a discussion on responsible and sustainable business practices that push the boundaries.

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When: Tuesday, September 29th at 11:00AM EDT / 8:00AM PST

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Event Speakers


Daniela Bohlinger, Head of Sustainability, BMW Group Design

The interplay of lush designs on the one hand and minimizing the impact on our environment on the other hand is Daniela Bohlinger’s daily challenge. Having dedicated herself to a more sustainable approach in design, she was one of the masterminds behind the unique sustainable design concept of the “Project i” which resulted in the BMW i3 car, and has pushed ahead with innovative eco-friendly initiatives ever since. Apart from contributing to the company’s strategic development with regard to sustainability, she is a frequent guest lecturer at different universities, think tanks and panel discussions, Jury and Coach and fosters a strong dialogue with players from inside and outside the automotive industry.

Prior to joining the BMW Group Design team 18 years ago as a color and trim designer, Daniela had worked in different industries as a product designer, where she always felt confronted with the consequences of her work on the environment.


Srini Srinivasan, President, WDO ; CEO, LUMIUM

Srini is the President of World Design Organization (WDO), working with its global members to promote design for a better world. He is the Chairman & CEO of LUMIUM DESIGN Inc., a Silicon Valley based, award-winning product design company that has developed 300+ products in the consumer electronics, medical, industrial goods, security and surveillance domains. LUMIUM has design studios in Santa Clara, (USA), Ahmedabad, Kochi & Mumbai (India) and in Tokyo (Japan) to execute creative design projects for global clients.



Simon Widmer, Design Network and Creative Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Simon is the Design Network and Creative Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He believes in the power of design and our ability to shape products, services and systems for a circular economy that can work in the long-term. Following this passion, Simon has co-created the Circular Design Programme and led the development of the Circular Design Guide together with IDEO. Previously, he has been a project manager in the New Plastics Economy initiative and a consultant at McKinsey & Company.


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