How To: Design for a Circular Economy

A Nature x Design Virtual Event for SXSW 2021

About This Session

What is the new practice of circular design? It’s a solutions-oriented model created to tackle the biggest challenge of our time at the root-cause level: Climate change, biodiversity loss and the need to find a real alternative to the extractive linear ‘take-make-waste’ economy. Design and creativity lie at the heart of a circular economy: They allow us to reimagine and redesign products and services that meet our needs and be sustainable.

In a conversation with the renowned Ellen MacArthur Foundation and iconic creative agency Sid Lee, we will deep dive into the role of storytelling, design and tech to enable a circular economy. With Sid Lee’s vast experience in design audiences, storytelling and brand placement and EMF’s circular economy vision, the panel will catalyze a global creative community to collaborate and innovate towards applying circularity as ‘the new norm’.

Vote from November 10-20 to see this session at SXSW 2021!




Session Benefits

1- Recognize the benefits of a circular economy for creatives, our society and economy. Design and creativity lie at the heart of a circular economy and allow us to reimagine and redesign products and services that meet our needs and can work in the long run.


2- How to get started with the basics so we can quickly apply the core principles and learn and adopt the mindset of circularity to improve our own personal choices.


3- Explore pioneering examples that show that designing for a circular economy is possible and that it comes in many forms and shapes in different industries, contexts and geographies.


Session Speakers

Simon Widmer, Design Network and Creative Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Simon Widmer is the Design Network and Creative Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He believes in the power of design and our ability to shape products, services and systems for a circular economy that can work in the long-term. Following this passion, Simon has co-created the Circular Design Programme and led the development of the Circular Design Guide together with IDEO.


Philippe Meunier, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Sid Lee

Co-founder of Sid Lee, Philippe Meunier is responsible for the whole agency’s creative output. Thanks to his multidisciplinary approach and the creative directors / ECDs he oversees, Sid Lee has received numerous and prestigious awards and accolades. Famous for his Zen-like approach to the craziness of running a large creative group (consequences of his love for surfing and yoga), Philippe firmly believes that great work comes from happy people, and he lives by this motto 24/7.



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