Earth Tones

An Enlivened Sensory Meditation Through Cuisine

Alex Chen
Nathalie Attallah & Carly Williams

Earth Tones

Slow Cooked Halibut with Green Tea infused Razor Clam Sauce Vin Blanc

A dish that emanates health through its vibrant green tones, sweet pea, fennel pollen, and a citrus note. With health comes rejuvenation, enlivening the body and spirit.

Health is what I think about when I see this dish. It’s vibrant green, light, very simple, not overly complicated, making it approachable.

– Executive Chef Alex Chen

This series presents a compilation of sensory experiences which explore food and beverage removed from the context of taste, in this way heightening the emphasis on our other (often secondary) senses. The color palate of each film, along with the music and dish, evoke a mood, in this case, enlivened. Be inspired to boldly create as you experience the film.

This sensory meditation is part of our larger series Language of Aroma.

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