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Creative Rituals

A virtual event on achieving creativity within the new normal

In support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8

Join TEALEAVES in a moderated conversation with world-leading designers including Albert Shum (CVP of Design, Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft) and John S. Couch (VP of Product Design at Hulu and author of “The Art of Creative Rebellion: How to champion creativity, change culture and save your soul”). This virtual event will reveal their rituals for creativity and methods for connection during times of isolation. The conversation converges on where we go from here. What are the considerations of “the brief for the new normal” which applies design concepts with the goal of achieving longstanding, coherent social impact.

The conversation starts on Sunday August 16th 2020.

When: Sunday, August 16th

Cost: FREE




As we collectively experience a global pandemic, our systems, structures, and social mores are being put to the test. In this time of shelter and reflection, it has become imperative that we cannot simply go back to the way things were. What, then, are the new norms?

Seeking the silver lining of it all, we pose the ultimate design challenge. Running our sprawling framework through the rigorous thought process of the world’s greatest designers, how would they consider experience, materials, cost and relationship to design a 2020 part two that is infinitely more equitable, accessible, sustainable and conscious?

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Event Speakers

John S. Couch, Author, “The Art of Creative Rebellion” and VP, Product Design at Hulu

John S Couch

John S. Couch is the author of “The Art of Creative Rebellion: How to champion creativity, change culture, and save your soul” and Vice President, Product Design for Hulu where he led the successful 2017 redesign of the Hulu Experience (across mobile, living room and web). He continues to lead design innovation as well as leading the design of the future of next generation storytelling in emerging platforms and formats.


Albert Shum, CVP of Design, Experiences & Devices Group at Microsoft.

Albert Shum leads a collaborative team of designers, writers, and researchers creating the future of cross-platform experiences across work, life, and school. With more than 20 years of global consumer brand and design development expertise, Shum has led strategic design initiatives at Nike and Microsoft, scaling design thinking and launching products that influence millions. His team currently drives incubation for the Windows ecosystem, focused on the responsibility of design to create intelligent and inclusive experiences.


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