In Good Taste

Signature Cocktail Hour & Documentary Sneak Peek for LA Design Festival

In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13.

Are you a tastemaker? What does it mean to have “good taste”?

In pursuit of personal and planetary wellness, join TEALEAVES for an early glimpse of our In Good Taste exploration launching at LA Design Festival 2020!

This two-part virtual preview begins with a Zero Proof Mixology cocktail hour. Attendees will be the first to taste the soon-to-be-unveiled wellness elixirs & tonics, blended In Good Taste by TEALEAVES, to create a signature cocktail at home!

With this wealth of health in hand, join us for a sneak peek of the In Good Taste documentary!

Watch Now:

Event Materials
Immerse in the craft cocktail experience with The Elixir: Ashwagandha Beet Boost

Purchase The Elixir sampler and follow along with a master mixologist.

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Free shipping with code: LADF



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