Biodiversity for a New Decade

Loss of biodiversity, changing climate and an increase in extreme events threaten to damage human health, economies and societies – it is high time to put the world on track to achieve the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity “Living in Harmony with Nature”.

Set­ting the scene for the events to fol­low, the event will con­vene lead­ers in bio­di­ver­si­ty to dis­cuss the ques­tions: Why do we need to take ac­tion and what do we want to achieve?

Fo­cussing on tran­si­tion points and the trans­for­ma­tion nec­es­sary to achieve this goal, the event aims to shape nar­ra­tives and to high­light ac­tion­able out­comes.

About the World Biodiversity Forum

The 2021 Virtual World Biodiversity Forum Virtual will focus on actions for transitions and transformations through the lens of biodiversity (science), and provide concepts and ideas for how society as a whole can move towards Living in Harmony with Nature. Focussing on transition points and transformation necessary to achieve this goal, the event series will shape narratives and to highlight actionable outcomes.


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