A Rare Bird

One Renaissance Clockmaker Saving the Lost Art of Antiquarian Horology.

Brittany Nicole Cox
Nathalie Attallah & Kevin Cho
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A Rare Bird

One Renaissance Clockmaker Saving the Lost Art of Antiquarian Horology.

Time As A Ritual

Brittany Nicole Cox, Antiquarian Horologist and Proprietor of Memoria Technica, is indeed a rare bird. From her small conservation workshop in Seattle, Washington, Cox specializes in creating and repairing automata, mechanical music, and other highly prized and equally complicated heirlooms.  As one of the few remaining antiquarian horologists true the to trade, her gift truly is reclaiming lost time.

antiquarian horology

In a singing bird box… Each feather is trimmed, sized, shaped, and selected for its color and the way that the feather lays and looks. In the end, when the work is artfully done, the feathers on a singing bird can end up glistening like jewels.

-Brittany Nicole Cox

On her calling, Cox says, “I find it difficult to give an answer when someone asks me how I found my calling, but I always come to the following conclusion: I had no choice in the matter! I feel like a magician or doctor bringing inanimate objects to life: birds that sing! Monkeys that dance! Tigers that roar!   Just to name a few. I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to bring a little magic into everyday life, and be part of this extraordinary world where so many wonderful things happen in every moment.”

Gather a glimpse of how Cox understands and shares the mastery that is needed to create beautiful working mechanics without electricity.

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